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    Group Profile

    Panda Group is one of the biggest enterprises in the field of cleaning machines and construction water supply equipments in China, and it is a multi-region group. There are five manufacturing factories, covering the area of 200,000 square meters, with a total capital of above 0.35 billion. The annual revenue now is 1.15 billion, including the export part which exceeds 0.1 billion; the annual sale of cleaning machines, air compressors and construction water supply pumps has grown to 2000,000 pcs.

           Our group is always placing emphasis on Research and Development. We promote technology innovation continuously, improve the technology of products, in addition, we introduce international advanced technology and management experiences. As a result, Panda brand series of products with international level are developed by us. Now, our group has gained 70 national patents in 16 major products series, almost covering the whole products of cleaning machines, air compressors and water supply pumps, and filling the gap in domestic market. Moreover, 4 projects which are national key new products or Shanghai key new products, is undertook by our group.
           Our group holds Industrial Products Manufacture License, Air Compressor Manufacture License, Pure Water Manufacture License and other related products Manufacture License. Besides, there are lots of Honors certificates gained by our group and subsidiary companies, including Chinese Well Known Mark, National Inspection Free Products, Shanghai Hi-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Advanced Enterprise, Shanghai Famous Brand product, Shanghai Famous Mark, ISO9001 International Quality Management System, CCC, CE, AAA credit level and so on. This is a joint effort by 100 technology personals and 3000 staff in our group.
           In order to build an all-around, complete, quick-reaction marketing network, our group has successfully established or helped to establish 38 subsidiary companies and offices in Chinese major cities. Additionally, we bring in the advanced operation models like chain-store operations to our industry, and develop more than 200 chain stores. The network almost covers all the Chinese major cities, and achieves the “zero distance” service to our customers. We have a large market share in the domestic market, especially in medium and high level products, and hold a dominating position in our industries.
    “The future will be brighter” is the company’s slogan as well as a greeting to our friends.
    Panda No.1 Factory
    Panda No.1 Factory is located in Dong’ou Industry Garden in Wenzhou of Zhejiang, near No. 104 national highway, and about 300 meters from Wenzhou Dong’ou Bridge. Its workplace covers 15000 square meters with the construction area of 25000 square meters. It was established in 1993, and combined with research, development, manufacture and sale of cleaning machines. In addition, it have 600 employees that involved 20% technical staff, together with good quality production equipments and integrated inspection equipments, which includes a machine centre, dozens of digital control tool machines, and several products assembling lines. It can produce more than 500,000 pcs of high pressure washer and other cleaning machines.
    Panda No.2 Factory
    Panda No.2 Factory is located in 2599 Huqingping Road in Qingpu district of Shanghai, covers 26600 square meters with the construction area of 19000 square meters, and has began production since Feb, 2001. No.2 Factory is a fine-finishing machining factory, and it has 360 advanced machining equipments including digital control tool machines, big-sized vertical lathe, boring machine, milling machine, grinder and so on. It can produce 100,000 pump accessories, 200,000 high-efficiency motor accessories, 30,000 high-efficiency multi-level pump accessories, 50,000 accessories of axes-colding single-level pumps, two-sucking pumps and axes-flowing pump.
    Panda No.3 Factory
    Panda No.3 Factory is located in Zhengshan Road in Zhengzhou City of Henan, covers 33980 square meters with the construction area of 16000 square meters. It was founded with the aim of fine casting for factories in Shanghai, having annual production ability of 10,000 ton fine castings of nodular cast iron, 12,000 castings of vanish mould nodular cast iron. It can satisfy the casting needs of 100,000 pump accessories, 200,000 high-efficiency motor accessories, 30,000 high-efficiency multi-level pump accessories, 50,000 axes-colding single-level pumps, two-sucking pumps and axes-flowing pump accessories.
    Panda No.4 Factory
    Panda No.4 Factory is located in 6890 Daye Road in Fengxian District of Shanghai, covers 39960 square meters with the construction area of 43800 square meters. It products include air compressors, pressure washers, car maintain equipments and affiliated equipments. Now its air compressors involve screw air compressor, piston air compressor, oil-free air compressor, project using air compressor, medium-pressure air compressor, air compressor parts and so on. The professional production and testing equipments provide an annual output of more than 150,000 pcs.
    Panda No.5 Factory
    Panda No.4 Factory is located in Qingpu Industry Garden in Shanghai. It first phase project covers 59900 square meters with the construction area of 42000 square meters, and its second phase project covers 21600 square meters with the construction area of 20080 square meters. The two projects cover 81500 square meters with the construction area of 62080 square meters, with investment of 0.46 billion. It has all-around operations of R&D, manufacture, sale and service, and brings an annual revenue of 2 million. It holds an Electrophoresis production line which is the first one in pump industry, and can produce 100,000 sewage pumps, 200,000 high-efficiency motors, 65,000 controlling cabinets, 30,000 high-efficiency multi-level pump, 8,000 non-loading water supply equipments, 100,000 square meters of stainless steel water tank, 50,000 axes-colding single-level pumps, two-sucking pumps and axes-flowing pumps.

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